Helping your fleet work smarter.

Operating a fleet is complex at the best of times. There are so many ever-changing variables it’s almost impossible to keep on top of everything that is happening at all times. 

With Prism, you have insights from millions of observations, evaluated against your current position, at your disposal to support important decisions about how you position, deploy and manage your transport operations.

Prism uses vast historic data and advanced analytic models to help you:

  • Position and deploy your fleet
  • Optimise your response to sudden or fast-changing events
  • Predict the source and scale of new demand
  • Tune your operations for maximum efficiency

Optimising financial returns from your fleet assets

Your transport fleet is not just a cost base, it is a key business asset and a driver of enterprise value. Like any asset, if you manage the financials with care it can generate significant returns. 

Prism combines multiple data sources covering your fleet, business and financial activity to optimise calculations across your fleet.

  • Calculate highly detailed Fuel Tax Credit estimates for any entitlement regime.
  • Generate forward budget estimates and performance comparison analysis
  • Estimate asset procurement costs and impact
  • Find reduction or consolidation opportunities on fuel, maintenance and other operating spend

Know the best response to any commercial question.

Commercial intelligence is as important as operating intelligence when it comes to using your fleet to drive strategic value for your business. It’s no use operating with great efficiency if you don’t price effectively or on terms that are mutually equitable. 

Prism’s commercial intelligence features enable you to:

  • Price based on achievable performance and changing system dynamics
  • Quantify and evaluate risks and commercial propositions at a detailed level
  • Identify and plan for required asset or resource procurement in advance

Prism can help you answer important strategic questions that go beyond how to run your fleet day-to-day to how to optimise the value proposition you take to market. This can make the difference when bidding for new contracts by identifying the balance of favourable terms, fair expectation and great experiences to your customers.