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If you are a taxi operator you can start taking advantage of Prism right away. Just fill out this form and we will start the set up process, which includes working with your IVMS hardware provider to transfer the required data.

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Taxi and Personal Transport

The taxis and personal transport industry is experiencing unprecedented disruption, driven by new technologies, business models and customer expectations. To compete and excel in this environment operators need to use all the tools at their disposal to deliver the best possible experience to their customers while carefully managing the financials.  

We work with clients across the country using Prism to optimise processes that allow operators to increase the revenue-generating utility of their vehicles and to optimise all financial entitlements and costs.

Prism can help you:

Increase profit margins

  • Automated and more accurate FTC claiming
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Get more accurate data for precise estimates

Manage your fleet

  • Deploy assets efficiently using GPS and route analysis
  • Prepare for future fluctuations using historical data

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