Maximise your Fuel Tax Credits, the smart way

Maximise claims and minimise risk with precise identification of off-road activity across your entire fleet. Increase the accuracy, efficiency and transparency of your claims.

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Making FTC easy and accurate

Fuel Tax Credits are an important entitlement for many commercial transport operators, based on apportioning fuel use between eligible activities. Prism automates the fuel apportionment calculation process using high frequency GPS position data from your telematics devices combined with our bespoke mapping data covering national road and land features.

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What used to require weeks of manual work using limited sample data can be produced by Prism in minutes, using complete and highly detailed data of live vehicle activity.

This means you get more precise calculations so you can ensure your business is claiming it's full entitlement, while also having full transparency into every movement and activity that contributes to the result.

Benefits of FTC automation

Reduce time, overheads and risk while maximising your entitlement.


Highly detailed GPS data, mapping and spatial analysis provide the most accurate fuel apportionment available.


Unique analysis and audit support tools provide a complete view of all activity contributing to your results.


Automated telematics integrations and advanced analytical processing deliver results at the start of the month, every month.


We continually work to keep Prism up to date with changes in infrastructure, location classifications and vehicle technology.

Need tax advice? We can connect you with the right partners

We partner with some of the leading tax advisors in Australia, who specialise in Fuel Tax Credit claims.

They can provide tailored advice related to the use and configuration of Prism, as well as any broader matters such as classification of specific locations, private ruling submissions or resolution of existing claim issues.

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